Buildings where to draw your wildest dreams!

Five block of flats with single entrances are located in the residential complex. Separated in three construction stages, with total area of the buildings’ above-the-ground levels 21 546 sq. M.

Each building is designed with ten floors. First floor consisting of warehouse areas, followed by eight repeatable apartment floors and a loft. Underground level (-1) consists of: parking and service areas, such as stairs, lifts, basements, technical premises. The total area of ​​each building is 5 584 sq. M. Each block has 132 underground and 65 above-the-ground parking spaces.

The residential complex features two-room apartments especially built for people with disabilities. The apartments are located on every first floor of the buildings. The site has also ramps suitable for their needs.



The first stage of the complex will be finalized at the beginning of 2020. It consists of Block “A” and Block “B” with built-up areas of 445.65 sq. M. and 448.12 sq. M. or 894 sq. M. in total, including:

  • The development of Block “A” and Block “B” with 84 apartments in total
  • Underground parking area
  • Landscaping of the land above the underground parking
  • Internal street with parking spaces
  • Underground parking ramp
  • Car platform, generator with backup power supply

Only the highest class materials are being used in the construction process. In order to be able to fully guarantee the quality of our construction and the developed housing, the investor AFI Europe chose to use only materials which were preliminary tested and which received the necessary construction certificates, according to the acting legislation and corresponding to all relevant European requirements.


The main construction framework of the buildings:

  • Full insulationfrom earth moisture and water, as well as external integrated thermo-insulation systems;
  • Façade insulationfrom mineral stone wool plates, EPS-F and XPS plates, with different thickness;
  • Enclosures, fire-safety partition walls– with ceramic blocks Porotherm 25 N+F;
  • Installation collectors– dressed with ceramic blocks Porotherm 12 N+F of the buildings’ installation collectors and above the roof level;
  • Internal plastering –of internal walls such as hallways, lounges, stairways, living rooms and kitchens. Machine projection gypsum plastering from Knauf MP 75;
  • Suspended ceilings:
  • Floor hallways, entrances and kitchens– suspended ceiling Knauf D113, d=12 sm with direct suspension, single layer cladding of construction boards Knauf GKB 12.5 mm;
  • Bathrooms and laundry rooms - suspended ceiling Knauf D112, d=12 sm: AnchorFix fast holder, single layer cladding of construction boards Knauf GKBI 12.5 mm;
  • Hydro insulation of roofs, terraces and laundry rooms;
  • Window and door frameson the ground floor and staircases with aluminum double glass, equipped with an access control system;
  • Electric locks with video intercom control system for all exterior doors of the residential entrances;
  • Apartments’ window and door frames with PVC system, five chamber with double glass and total heat transfer coefficientK ≤ 1.30 W / m2 K and safety class1;
  • Railings with a stainless steel structure or eloxal aluminum and a layered glass panels with a height of 1.20 m on balconies with French windows;
  • Internal car alleys, the outside parking spots and the pedestrian walks with Uni-pave blocks.
  • The parking door has automatic control from the automated control system for fire extinguishing in the underground garage;
  • Elevator with 11 stops for each entrance;
  • Freight platform for cars;
  • Perennial grass vegetation for the common areas, garden flowers, soil substrate, drainage layer, surrounded with garden curbs and artificial landscape elements – playground sandboxes, hills, stone plastics, etc.
  • Benches and pergolasfor recreation in the complex;
  • Playground equipmentfor the smallest inhabitants.


The buildings in short:

  • 2 180 sq. M. built area
  • 5 buildings
  • 10 above-the-ground floors
  • 1 underground level
  • 197 apartments
  • 197 parking spaces
  • Freight car platform
  • Playground
  • Recreational spots
  • Construction materials with European quality
  • Homes especially designed for people with disabilities